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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: Does HomeCrest Cabinetry use environmentally safe products?
    • HomeCrest Cabinetry seeks to minimize the environmental impact by recycling wastes and using low emissions coatings. Please read more on HomeCrest Cabinetry's commitment to the environment.
  2. Q: I can't find my HomeCrest product name listed on any of the pages. How do I find information about my cabinets?
    • HomeCrest revised some of the product names in 2005, so be sure to visit the Product Name Change chart and see if your product is listed. If you still can't find your specific product, please contact us.
  3. Q: Can I buy cabinets direct from HomeCrest?
    • A: HomeCrest cabinets are available only through an authorized HomeCrest dealer. Find a dealer nearest you by using our dealer locator.
  4. Q: What different types of woods do you offer?
    • A: HomeCrest cabinetry is available in Maple, Oak, Cherry, Hickory and Thermofoils/Melamines in a variety of finish hues and glazes. For a complete list you may browse our available wood species and finishes, click here.
  5. Q: My kitchen floor plan calls for a special-size cabinet. Does HomeCrest offer special sizes?
  6. Q: I'd like a cosmetics tray built into my bathroom vanity. Can I get one from HomeCrest?
    • A: Yes, our Complements line includes many specialized and space-saving accessory cabinets. Browse to learn more about Complements: Creative Organization in Cabinetry.
  7. Q: I just spilled something on my kitchen cabinet. How can I safely clean it up?
    • A: Learn more about cabinet cleaning and maintenance in our cabinet care section.
  8. Q: What's a mortised joint? A mullion? A laminate?
    • A: For cabinet terminology please view our glossary.
  9. Q: Over time, my kitchen drawers got a little loose. Can they be fixed?
    • A:Unfortunately, there are times when unavoidable situations create minor problems with your cabinetry. Should this occur, visit our Cabinet Care section for helpful tips on caring for your cabinets and what to do when something goes wrong. If you need further assistance, contact us or visit your local HomeCrest dealer.
  10. Q: I'd like to design a new kitchen. How should I begin?
  11. Q. How do I get in touch with HomeCrest?
    • A: For HomeCrest contact information, please go to our contact us page.
  12. Q: Are HomeCrest cabinets guaranteed?
    • A: HomeCrest's Limited Warranty is among the best in the industry. Read about our limited warranty for more information.
  13. Q: Once I order my cabinets, how long will I have to wait for them to be delivered?
    • A: HomeCrest prides itself on fast order turnaround. Our typical shipping time is 12 days from the date the order is received at HomeCrest. Please see your dealer for more detailed information about delivery and installation schedules.
  14. Q: Does HomeCrest sell unfinished cabinets?
    • No, we do not offer cabinets without finish. HomeCrest offers one of the finest finishes in the cabinetry industry, with many colors to choose from.
  15. Q: How do I adjust my HomeCrest cabinet doors?
    • Minor door alignment can be corrected by adjusting the hinges. Generally, when you open the cabinet door, you will find the side-to-side adjustment slot on the door part of the hinge and the up-and-down adjustment on the frame portion of the hinge.
  16. Q: What can I use to clean my HomeCrest cabinets?
    • Like any fine-quality surface, your cabinetry should be treated, cleaned and maintained carefully with quality materials.
      • DO NOT allow water, chemicals (detergents, ammonia, vinegar, etc.) and hot or acidic food spills to set on your cabinets. ALWAYS immediately wipe up spills as quickly as possible so they won't damage the wood.
      • DO use a soft cloth. DO NOT USE coarse or abrasive cloths or materials as they may dull the finish or leave scratches that cannot be removed. DEFINITELY AVOID soap pads, scouring pads and brushes.
      • DO use soapy water, a mild all-purpose cleaner without ammonia, or an oil soap cleaner made especially for wood components. DO NOT USE ammonia, products that contain ammonia, strong solvent cleaners, mineral spirits, paint thinner or any other harsh cleaning chemicals.
      • DO use high quality polish that is especially formulated for fine furniture. DO NOT USE wax or polish that contains silicone. Wax builds up on the surface and causes yellowing; silicones smudge and highlight fingerprints, and can be removed only with extreme measures.
      • For melamine or thermofoil cabinetry, DO clean with a mild nonabrasive cleaner using a soft cloth. DO NOT WAX and DO NOT USE ammonia or any type of abrasive cleaner or cloth.
  17. Q: How do I find a HomeCrest dealer in my area?
    • You can locate a HomeCrest dealer in your area by visiting our dealer locator search page, and entering your zip code in the "zip" input box. In addition, at the top-right of every HomeCrest Cabinetry web page you can search for your local dealer by entering your zip code into the "dealer locator" input box.
  18. Q: What is warranty on hinges, hardware and drawer guides?
    • Hinges, hardware and drawer guides all carry a manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty.
  19. Q: Does HomeCrest sell direct to the public?
    • HomeCrest cabinetry is sold exclusively through dealers. To find a dealer nearest you, please visit our dealer locator search page.
  20. Q: How do I get additional shelves, clips, etc?
    • Your dealer can help you obtain additional shelves, replacement hardware and provide any follow-up service you may need.
  21. Q: Does HomeCrest offer glaze on any standard reveal cabinets?
    • While glazing is available on many of our door styles, it's not available for all. To see all of our available finishes and glazing options, please visit the Finish section of our website.
  22. Q: What is HomeCrest's lead-time for orders?
    • Standard and Custom Choice cabinets are shipped typically within 12 days of order receipt. Special orders may take longer; see your dealer for details.
  23. Q: Does HomeCrest have an outlet or "scratch & dent" store?
    • HomeCrest is proud to offer one of the finest finishes in the cabinetry industry and only allows those cabinets that meet strict quality standards to leave our factory. We do not have outlet or "scratch & dent" stores.
  24. Q: What is thermofoil?
    • Thermofoil cabinets are constructed with 5/8" thick medium density fiberboard overlaid with rigid vinyl. The rugged overlays are permanently pressure-bonded and are resistant to stains and scratches.
  25. Q: Does HomeCrest offer custom colors or matching stain?
    • HomeCrest offers many popular finishes and glazes but does not provide custom colors. To see all of our available finishes and glazing options, please visit the Finish section of our website.
  26. Q: Where do I find prices for wood drawers and deluxe wood drawers?
    • Your HomeCrest dealer can provide pricing information on our 1/2" dovetail and 3/4" dovetail deluxe drawers.
  27. Q: Does HomeCrest offer refacing?
    • HomeCrest does not reface cabinets.
  28. Q: Does HomeCrest sell the glass for glass door frames and mullion door cabinets?
  29. Q: What is HomeCrest's cabinet warranty?
    • All HomeCrest cabinets are certified in accordance with KCMA (Kitchen Cabinet Manufactures Association) specifications and standards and offer a Five-Year Limited Warranty, ensuring them to be free of defects in materials or workmanship.